Chasses- VIN Plate Info

This page gives a general guide to the approximate start and finish dates of each version of the Land Rover, Series 1 to the Defender. There will of course be overlaps in that not all models manufactured are subsequently sold and registered before the beginning of the manufacture of the replacement model.

1947 The first Land Rovers were produced (80") and shown at the Amsterdam Car Show in late April.

1953 Wheelbase lengthened from 80" to 86" 

1954 100,000th Land Rover produced.

1956 The 107 is introduced

Santana Version of the Land Rover started in Spain, they produce 18,000 vehicles between1956 and 1980.

1958 March The Series II is born.

1961 September Series IIA is announced

1962 SIIA 109 announced for home market, 109 Forward Control announced

1967 June - July Range Rover prototype No 1 built, Rover Motor Company merges with Leyland

1968 Lightweight Air Portable Available for home market and Military use

1970 Range Rover has it's first public showing

1971 September Series III Announced

1979 Stage 1 V8 Announced, 17 Digit Chassis Numbering system introduced to all Land Rover vehicles

1983 March 110 Announced, 127" (also called 130") Crew cab made available to UK

1984 June 90 (92.9") Launched

1988 British Aerospace buy Rover Group from British Goverment for £150,000,000